Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Pendraken minis have arrived

My next shipment of Pendraken 10mm have arrived. I now have Mahdi Camelry, Mahdi Cavalry, more Mahdi foot, some British mounted commanders, can you say Captain Verbeek in 10mm, and a captured Krupp with Egyptian crew. I am off work tomorrow so am planning a big day of painting Sudan figures. I played a game of Colonial Adventures with my buddy Ray last weekend. Ray collects 1/72nd scale plastic men and we had a fine patrol game with the red coated British and the Zulu. Ray enjoyed the game so much that he has been diligently painting up Brits and Zulus at a feverish pace. For my contribution I am building some Zulu beehive huts. I will take some pictures as I progress. I now have a fairly sizable mob of Mahdist troops Hedendawa, Jihadiya, captured krupp, camelry and cavalry. Much painting to be done. I received a video camera for Christmas last year and took some footage of our Zulu game and some pictures. I will try and get them on here soon. Here is to much adventuring ahead, huzzah!!!

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  1. How well does Colonial Adventures play? I'm keen to get some Pendraken Zulu's and I've been tossing up between CA and Black Powder Battles for the rules.