Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Captain in 28mm

Captain Lucien Verbeek rides again. This time as Perry Brothers' English Command on Egyptian Horse. I painted this lovely figure during 6 lunch hours at work. I really love the animation in the figure and couldn't resist having the first photo in sepia as a old time photo.

Here is the Captain and Teufel in technacolor. While looking at some Belgium 19th century uniforms I found that the Grenadiers wore black trousers with a red stripe and decided that the Captain had once been a member of this illustrious group. I am particularly pleased with this version of his faithful steed. I have watched Hidalgo a few times and looked at several pictures of Mustangs and Pintos before deciding on this color scheme. I am quite proud of my efforts.

I painted Teufel's nose a flesh color and gave the captain a red bandanna for a pop of color. I felt of all the 28mm colonial figures I have seen on-line this one captures the spirit and reckless abandon I dream the captain would have had. The miniature only has a mustache so I painted in the captain's goatee. The blister came with three commanders so I plan to paint up the other two as a start for some skirmishing, maybe the Sword and the Flame.

I still need to add some flocking to the base but had put off posting for some time and wanted to post some pictures. As I do not currently play 28mm, starting to paint 10mm again for the big game. I would like to send this figure to Monsieur Prost as a military observer of the campaigns of General Pedigree if he would have him. The 15mm of Captain Verbeek was introduced by Steve the Wargamer in a captives scenario and Monsieur Prost has had a few of his number captured also perhaps the Captain is a fellow prisoner. I am painting up Pendraken 10mm Colonials this week and hope to post a few pics next week. I am in a group painting project and I hope to complete 3 brigades of Imperial Cavenderi troops by the end of September based for Battles of Empire. See you soon.