Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Captain in 28mm

Captain Lucien Verbeek rides again. This time as Perry Brothers' English Command on Egyptian Horse. I painted this lovely figure during 6 lunch hours at work. I really love the animation in the figure and couldn't resist having the first photo in sepia as a old time photo.

Here is the Captain and Teufel in technacolor. While looking at some Belgium 19th century uniforms I found that the Grenadiers wore black trousers with a red stripe and decided that the Captain had once been a member of this illustrious group. I am particularly pleased with this version of his faithful steed. I have watched Hidalgo a few times and looked at several pictures of Mustangs and Pintos before deciding on this color scheme. I am quite proud of my efforts.

I painted Teufel's nose a flesh color and gave the captain a red bandanna for a pop of color. I felt of all the 28mm colonial figures I have seen on-line this one captures the spirit and reckless abandon I dream the captain would have had. The miniature only has a mustache so I painted in the captain's goatee. The blister came with three commanders so I plan to paint up the other two as a start for some skirmishing, maybe the Sword and the Flame.

I still need to add some flocking to the base but had put off posting for some time and wanted to post some pictures. As I do not currently play 28mm, starting to paint 10mm again for the big game. I would like to send this figure to Monsieur Prost as a military observer of the campaigns of General Pedigree if he would have him. The 15mm of Captain Verbeek was introduced by Steve the Wargamer in a captives scenario and Monsieur Prost has had a few of his number captured also perhaps the Captain is a fellow prisoner. I am painting up Pendraken 10mm Colonials this week and hope to post a few pics next week. I am in a group painting project and I hope to complete 3 brigades of Imperial Cavenderi troops by the end of September based for Battles of Empire. See you soon.


  1. Nicely done, in sepia tone or full technicolor!

  2. He's very very nice, but mine is better... LOL!

    I look forward to seeing how the bigger Captain Verbeek gets on with Pettygree... :o)

  3. A very nice figure - he really looks like he's moving!


  4. Great paint job. You really brought the figures to life. I looked at the other scales, wonderful job as well. I'm going to have to add a Captain Lucien Verbeek to my forces as well. My blog only currently shows my The Wind And The Lion Game but we do the Sudan, NWF, Zulu wars, amongst other theatres.

  5. Excellent little buildings!
    I 2nd Jeff's recommendations for building sites :)
    I've always like Barthorp's books - been a long time since I read any though.