Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blogging down.

Have not blogged in a while on any of my blogs so today thought I would jot down some quick notes. I recently met Mark Severin of Scale Creep miniatures (first rate fellow) in Cincinnati, Ohio and picked up some First Corp Mexican American War miniatures. I have been reading several books on the Mexican American War and am looking to do some skirimish 28mm stuff soon. Pendraken has anounced the release of some new Mahdi cavalry that I am looking forward to and I believe I will be able to get some Sudan painting done this holiday. Just a quick blog this morning hopefully more to follow soon. I am toying with the idea of combining my two (2) blogs Cavenderia and Capt Verbeek into one non-genre specific wargaming blog but am still thinking on that for now.


  1. You've been nominated for a style award!!

    Details here:

    Well done… :o))

  2. Not heard from your blog in a while - hope all is OK???