Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Naval Brigade

Today at lunch I banged out the first stand of my naval brigade. Miniatures are Pendraken 10mm.

Not a great amount of commentary. It is a bit frustrating that in person these figs really pop but the camera zooms in so tight it makes them appear poorly painted, I must improve my picture technique. The pictures as seen in the blog windows are probably a better representation of how they will look on the table than clicking on them which makes the pictures huge. But go ahead and click on them you can see some of the technique that way.

I varied the pants and shirt on two (2) of the figures to add a little variety. The figs are well sculpted but are only offered in one (1) pose with the straw hat instead of a sailor's hat. However, they will serve me just fine.

A little better lighting on this picture. I am intentionally using more muted tones on the Sudan figures as I thought the feel would be warmer, however to get them to pop I might brighten them up some.
Final picture showing the kerchief in a lighter blue and scabbard. Still have not decided on my basing must work on that next as many Hadendawa are ready to be based.