Monday, February 15, 2010

Pendraken 10mm miniatures arrived.

Below are a series of photos of my recently arrived Pendraken 10mm Sudan miniatures, British and Hedendawa. The sculpts were fairly clean and detailed. The heights of each mold are between 10-12 mm. Only one figure broke while cleaning. I bought two (2) packs of Hedendawa (Fuzzy Wuzzys) they contain 30 figures per pack in three poses. I purchased one command pack 30 figures 15 standard bearers and 15 strangely dressed Khadifs. Finally I ordered one British pack 29 soldiers in two (2) poses and one (1) captain standing. I am very happy with the figs and am planning on doing a one=ten scale. In my research so far the Mahdi's forces were organized into flags these were divided into rubs (800-1200 men, further divided into tribal sections of 100 men (centuries) each would have it's own flag and centurion to lead them. So I have cleaned and primed seven (7) 10 man units. I am priming all of the Sudan figs with a dark brown instead of my normal black and am happy with the effect. I am going to put together a post on my process for painting up the Hedendawa units. I am including one picture of the 15mm Egyptian infantry that I am not happy with and lead me to purchase the Pendraken miniatures. I also believe the 10mm figures will capture the desperation as a few british soldiers are surrounded by hundreds of Mahdist figures and will make my table top deserts feel vast. I will have to figure out this new blog system. Enjoy the pics.

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  1. Looking forward to more! Amazing detail on a 10mm.. :o)