Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watching the Mailbox

I have not posted in a while as the adventure has been on hiatus. I received some 15mm Old Glory Egyptian troops but really don't like the way they painted up. I am my own worst critic, but something about the all white uniform and red fez, which I have difficulty painting red, have really stumped me. I have tried a couple of techniques but I am not enjoying painting the Egyptians, maybe it is the poses or perhaps just my technique but I am not feeling them. So I may paint them up slightly different as Bizerrcans. I have ordered several packs of Pendraken 10mm Sudan and have been waiting a couple of weeks now for them to arrive. I have not played any other colonial games lately but have been reading and scheming. I have been experimenting with building palm trees and terrain but am not happy with these efforts either. Who thought desert terrain would be so hard to get correct. I am hoping the Pendraken 10mm figures fit the bill. I have been drawn to 10mm figs for a while and hopefully the mass feel and level of detail will give me a fix. I will try and post some pics of various stages of modeling in a couple of days and of the new Pendraken minis when they arrive.



  1. Good to see you posting again. Red does not do well over black or grey priming . . . unless you use white over the darker color and then paint the red over the white.

    If I recall correctly, I think that the Egyptians might have had a blue tunic for one of their uniforms . . . although I might be mistaken about that. Some research might help. Also the I think that the red was a bit of a darker red and not a "bright" red.

    -- Jeff

  2. Yeah they had a winter uniform but that was later in the second Mahdist war, I believe and the officers wore blue uniforms, and the Sudan colonial troops wore blue leggings.

  3. GW's Foundation paint line has a darkish red that covers well. I've used it on some of my minis. I've also used other light colors that contain some white, such as buff or cream, as a basis for red on a black undercoat. These colors cover pretty well and have a bit of warmth to liven up the red.