Sunday, March 14, 2010

Captain Verbeek in 10mm

To the left is our hero, Captain Lucien Verbeek and his pinto, Teuffel, in 10mm Technicolor.

The miniature is 10mm Pendraken British officer on horse painted up as Les Captain and his faithful steed. There are a few differences between the 10mm version and the original 15mm Peter Pig mini. I have added a red sash to the pith helmet and changed the straps of the uni from from white to leather, other than that the figure is painted up fairly close to the 15mm including the captain's trademark blond goatee.

I am using non-metallic metallic painting on the 10mm Sudan figures as I believe this will not detract from the rest of the figure the way metallic paints do. I believe that Mr. Pengilley does a great job with the level of detail on these little 10mm figs and the Mahdist camel figures that I received this week are fantastic and I can not wait to paint them.

A shot of the back of the captain. I am hoping to spend a little extra time on the command figures and hope to perfect my new camera techniques soon. Reminder you can click on the photos for a blown up version of the figure. My camera can zoom in very close and shows the brush strokes and the highlight contrast fairly well.

In this shot you can see the extra pair of shoes and thrown across the front of the horse and the captains pistol holster. Very good detail but a fairly static pose, I wish the mini were a bit more animated like the Peter Pig mini but that is just my taste and I really can not complain this is a very nice sculpt. These pictures are better than the last few I have taken, however being this close up loses a little bit of the detail of the figure. From arms length this guy looks really good if I do say so myself.

Finally a longer shot showing how the captain would look from the table top. The shot also shows the Knights of the Air game box I used for the background. I used a black base-coat on the fig but have been using brown base coat on most of the Mahdist and British infantry. I hope to crank out a rub of the Mahdist this week. Looking forward to gaming colonial conflicts in 10mm and I hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. ...are you sure you don't want to game in 15mm???? The original Captain Verbeek could always come back home... :o))

    Honestly - you manage to get more detail into 10mm figures than I can in 20mm!! Lovely paint job...

    DG is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and I suspect the sands of the desert will be painted red yet again...

  2. No sir, I will probably paint the captain in each scale, my friend Ray does 1/72nd and Bluebear Jeff and Bill Protz do 28mm so I will probably ship off some Captain figs to those guys if I can find a suitable 28mm fig and they are willing to take him. Surprisingly I can not find a good mounted 1/72nd british general fig. Look forward to reading about your Sudan conflicts.

  3. Excellent! That's a very nicely detailed sculpt for such a small scale and you have done it proud with your paintwork!

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